Finally on March 21st 2016 AUTODESK® published all AutoCAD 2018 new features. Below you can find a short compiled list of all these new features in the 2018 version.

AutoCAD 2018 Release Date

According to Wikipedia AutoCAD 2018 (Version 22.0) release date is March 21st 2017.

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AutoCAD 2018 new features

On the official AutoCAD website AutoCAD Architecture 2018 new features are already published. These are as follows:

  • High Resolution (4K) Monitor Support
  • Approximately 400 new MVBlocks and block references are added to the metric content in the Design Center. The content includes lighting, furnishing, elevators, escalators, and electrical services.
  • The value of the HPMAXLINES system variable has been optimized.
  • Seamless Updates
  • Exporting and converting schedule tables to Excel produces correct results under conditions it would not in previous releases.
  • Transparency values are retained when set through the Display Properties dialog.
  • Isolate Objects now correctly retain divided spaces when one of the spaces is isolated.
  • It is no longer necessary to refresh a project to display new sheets in the Project Navigator.
  • The Manage Content Library dialog is no longer suppressed when launched from the Style Browser, soon after migrating from a previous release.
  • Issues with PDF drawings that did not import correctly in previous releases have been identified and rectified.
  • The EXPORTTOAUTOCAD command no longer results in a system crash when exporting drawing files containing Open Light entities.
  • Product Updates are now visible in network deployment when added through the Add Updates option.
  • 2D block references will no longer participate in section creation operations.
  • You can now split or trim mass elements when using non-default UCS.