My First Project 2015 Metric Cover

Theoretical education together with practical experience help gaining confident knowledge. “My First Project” AutoCAD® Architecture eBook provides you with a step-by-step introduction to the world of design software.

From this AutoCAD Architecture eBook you will learn:

  • Using AutoCAD® Architecture program elements step by step.
  • Create a complete two-story building plan with AutoCAD® Architecture.

Eventually My First Project will be Your First Project.

Who is My First Project – AutoCAD Architecture eBook for?

Principally it was written for graduates, practicing architects and architecture students. It presents the structure and logic of AutoCAD® Architecture 2015 program through the design of a two-story house planning.

The user-friendly, illustrated textbook includes more than 800 pictures and a detailed glossary. Thanks to the practical approach, the user acquires more confidence in using of AutoCAD® Architecture 2015 software. The textbook puts an emphasis on showcasing the full potential of the software, it allows the user to draw large and complex plans.

Although this eBook is specifically based on AutoCAD® Architecture 2015 version, you can also practice with earlier versions of the software. Buy the eBook and start to learn how to use Autodesk AutoCAD® Architecture 2015 easily.

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