Autodesk’s AutoCAD Architecture 2014 has been released with the latest new features late march. Following I give you a short list of the new features. Click on the link where available to check out the brand new tutorials for each AutoCAD 2014 new feature!

AutoCAD 2014 New Features

User Interaction

Design Exploration

  • Geographic Location Live maps: Connect your design to real-world environments.
    One of the new features to take advantage of in AutoCAD 2014 is the new Live Map based on Bing map. AutoCAD geographic location setting allows you to find the exact location of your project and project a map into your drawing. Read more »
  • Point Clouds and Autodesk ReCap (Reality Capture)


  • Drawing and Annotation
    AutoCAD 2014 includes a great variety of enhancements to help you draw and annotate with more efficiency. These comprise drawing of Arcs, Fillet, Sheet Set, Hatches and many more. Read more »
  • Attributes
  • Single-Line Text Justification
  • Dimensions
    Continuous and Baseline dimensions have been streamlined in AutoCAD 2014, Autodesk created a new System Variable: DIMCONTINUEMODE. Read more »


  • Autodesk 360
  • Design Feed
    Design Feed enables you to post commons, questions and suggestions for drawings that you share online through Autodesk 360. Read more »


More information on Autodesk official website

As usual, you can find some more information on Autodesk’s official website. Stay tuned for my tutorials!