In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create the chimney body from the wall object in AutoCAD Architecture.

At the bottom of this tutorial you can find a video screencast showing you how to create the chimney body from the wall object.

How To Create the Chimney Body from the Wall Object

The fireplace chimney joined outside to the living room is created in the Entry Level drawing, immediately as a multi-level structure, and then it is placed to a separate drawing, which will be converted to the Ground Level, the Ground Floor and the First Floor levels, as well. So it will be a so-called spanned construct drawing.

The external wall and the chimney (wall) are not needed to be cleaned up, so they have to be taken to the other Wall Cleanup Group Definitions. Now a new one is being created for the chimney.

  1. Go to the Manage tab on the Ribbon and from the Style & Display panel you can open the Style Manager.
  2. AutoCAD Architecture - Style Manager

  3. Below the current drawing, on the displaying Style Manager panel (Entry Level.dwg) click on the plus sign to open the Architectural Objects list, and open the Wall Cleanup Group Definitions list there.
  4. AutoCAD Architecture - Entry Level Architectural Objects

  5. Go to the Standard style and make a copy of it with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
  6. AutoCAD Architecture - Ctrl C - Ctrl V

  7. Choose the resulting new style (Standard (2)), and override its name to Chimney on the General tab. Then close the panel by pressing OK.
  8. AutoCAD Architecture Name Chimney

  9. Zoom in on the future location of the chimney as shown in the figure.
  10. AutoCAD Architecture - Zoom In

  11. Open the Content Browser (Ctrl+4), within it open the Design Tool Catalog – Metric [Imperial], choose the Walls group from the left list, and finally the Brick category.
    Search the Brick-X named wall style.
  12. AutoCAD Architecture - Brick X

  13. With earlier shown method drag the Brick-X wall style into the AutoCAD drawing area by using pipette.
  14. AutoCAD Architecture - Use The Pipette

  15. Before specifying the start point of the wall on the Properties palette, set the parameters of the future chimney body.
    Drop down the list to set the value of the Cleanup group definition to Chimney.
    The Width value is 500 mm. [1’-8”]
    The Base height value is 10000 mm. [32’-10”]
    The Justify value is Right.
  16. AutoCAD Architecture - Properties

  17. By earlier learned Object Snap Tracking technique at the drawings the chimney will be placed, so pay attention that the ORTHO (F8), the OSNAP (F3) and the OTRACK (F11) toggle to be on.
    Finally take the cursor to the left bottom corner of the building and touch it but do not click. Then start to drag the cursor up and type 2000 [6’-7”]. The start point of the wall body has been specified. Drag the cursor up but do not click and finally type 1000 [3’-4”] and press ENTER.
  18. AutoCAD Architecture - 1000 - 2000

  19. Press one more ENTER to exit the drawing wall operation

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