AutoCAD Design Feed in version 2014 enables you to post commons, questions and suggestions for drawings that you share online through Autodesk 360. You can associate your post through this specific point or area, including images and even tag colleagues to notify them of the post.

How to turn on AutoCAD Design Feed

Turn on the Design Feed from the Autodesk 360 Ribbon tab.

Turn on AutoCAD Design Feed

If the drawing is not saved to Autodesk 360, the tools in the Design Feed are dropped out and a message reminds you to save the current drawing to Autodesk 360.

AutoCAD Design Feed Save Drawing

After the drawing has been saved you can add your text to create a new post. It will appear in the Design Feed whenever this drawing is viewed on the desktop, on the web and across mobile devices. Your colleagues and anyone else with access to the drawing can review and respond to your posts when they open the drawing.

AutoCAD Design Feed Create Post

You can also text specific people so they will see an e-mail notification with a link to the drawing. When someone replays to a post the Design Feed immediately updates to this later response.

You can associate a post with specific points Pointer in the drawing. A bubble in the drawing indicates the post number. If you select the bubble, AutoCAD zooms to that location in the drawing, expands the bubble to display corresponding post, and highlights the corresponding post within the Design Feed.

AutoCAD Design Feed Bubble

You will find similar behavior if you associate your post within area area in a drawing rather than a specific point. After specifying two points to define a rectangular area a bubble with a corresponding post number is displayed in the drawing. If you select the bubble, AutoCAD zooms to the area, displays its boundary and associates with post and highlights the post in the Design Feed.

AutoCAD Design Feed Area

Similarly, when you select a post in the Design Feed that is associated with a point or area, AutoCAD zooms to that part of the drawing and displays the corresponding information in the drawing window.

In addition to associating points or areas with your posts, you can select images. image icon Choose from common image formats including bitmap and jpeg. The images are displayed along with the post right there in the Design Feed to help clarify questions and information about the design.