The New Drawing File Tabs in AutoCAD 2014 provide easy access to your open drawings.

How File Tabs Work in AutoCAD 2014?

Each open file is displayed as a tab across the top of your AutoCAD window. You can select them to make them active.

AutoCAD File Tabs Menu

If you have more tabs than what will display across the top, there is an overflow menu on the right side that you can open to easily access the additional files. You can notice as you pass the cursor over these files a preview of the file shows up. You can see model space and the layout and if there are additional layouts you’ll see those as well.

AutoCAD File Tabs Overflow Menu

The same thing happens when you pass the cursor over the file tabs on top. There are various icons depending on the state of the drawing, e.g.: if you have a drawing that has changes then you’ll see an asterisk there indicating that file needs to be saved. If you open a drawing as read only you can see a lock icon there on the File Tab.

Autocad File Tabs with changed asterisk

You can add or create additional drawings right here from this Plus icon, that’s to the right of the File Tabs, so if you select that it opens up a dialog box where you can choose a template to create a new drawing.

The drawings are displayed in order that you open them or create them across the top but it is very easy to just select a drawing tab and move it to reorder them.

Reorder File Tabs in AutoCAD 2014

If you right-click anywhere else on the File Tab bar a small set of tools appear. So that you can create a New drawing, Open a drawing, Save All the drawings or Close All the drawings.

AutoCAD 2014 File Tabs right-click menu

You can select on the X icon to close a file and there are additional icons when you pass the cursor over and see the preview of the drawing. You can pass the cursor over one of the preview images notice that as you pass the cursor over it temporarily displays that preview in the AutoCAD window. There are icons here for Plotting that sheet or Publishing it.

AutoCAD File Tabs with preview

There are additional tools in the right-click menu. If you right-click over a Drawing Tab which is active for you, e.g.: 3D Model, but you’ve right-click over another drawing which is not active, e.g.: Drawing2 here; so which ever sheet you right click or Drawing Tab that you right click on then you’ll have access to various tools like create a New file, Save, Save As, some of the typical ones. There is a particular useful one: “Close All Except This Tab”. Even though a certain drawing is currently active (e.g.: 3D Model) and you right-click to on another drawing (e.g.: Drawing2) then you can choose “Close All Except This Tab” depending of course if you’ve made any changes you’ll be prompted to save those but that quickly closes all the other files except for that one that you’ve right-clicked on. So that can be handy when you have a lot drawings open in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD File Tabs additional tools

There are other options on the right-click menu. Notice that last two options if the file that you have opened has been saved then you have these additional options: “Copy Full File Path” or “Open File Location”. “Copy Full File Path” means that you can path that location e.g.: into an e-mail or “Open File Location” takes you right to the explorer with that file selected in that folder.

AutoCAD 2014 File Tabs more right-click opriont

You can control the displays of Drawing Tabs if you go to the View ribbon tab and then the User Interface panel you’ll see and you can control for File Tabs, you can turn them off or any time you can turn them back on.

Control AutoCAD File Tabs

You can also toggle the File Tabs ON and OFF from within the Options Dialog. In the Options Dialog on the Display tab the Display File Tabs checkbox toggles the display of the Drawing File Tabs.

AutoCAD toggle File Tabs On/O