How to Create the Ground Floor Drawing

In the following steps a constructs drawing will be created, in which the ground floor will be composed.

At the bottom of this tutorial you can find a video screencast showing you how to create the constructs drawing in AutoCAD Architecture.

How to Create the Entry Level Construct Drawing

  1. Press Ctrl+3 to hide the Tool Palettes and display the Project Navigator palette by pressing Ctrl+5 on the left side of the screen.

    TIP: If you close all the drawings and the Project Navigator palette is not shown in the screen, but you want to display it, you can start it from the Quick Access Toolbar.

    AutoCAD Architecture Quick Access Toolbar

    NOTE: In every case when the Project Navigator Palette is opened the whole project will be refreshed; and if there are tens or hundreds of drawings, it can take some time. So if it is possible, or if there are more screens, leave it continuously open.

  2. Go to the Constructs tab of the Project Navigator palette.
  3. Right-Click above the Constructs folder and select the New » Construct#8230; tabs from the drop-up menu.
  4. AutoCAD Architecture New Construct

  5. On the displayed Add Construct panel override the value of the Name field to Entry Level. At the Assignments panel turn on the right toggle, and indicate that the drawing belongs to the Main Building named Division of the Ground Floor level.
  6. Press OK and go back to the Project Navigator, where the new Entry Level named drawing displays below the ‘Constructs’ folder (category).
  7. AutoCAD Architecture Add Construct

  8. Double-Click on the icon of the Entry Level to open the drawings.
  9. AutoCAD Architecture Constructs Entry Level

  10. The new drawing displayed in AutoCAD drawing area is now empty because it does not include anything. You can see this drawing active in the title bar of the program or on File Tabs.
  11. AutoCAD Architecture Entry Level

How to Insert the Column Grid into the Entry Level Drawing

  1. Right-Click on the ColumnGrid element in the Project Navigator at the left side, and then from the drop-up menu select the Xref Overlay command.

    NOTE: When the Elements type drawing is dragged with the left mouse button into the Constructs type drawing, the dragged drawing will automatically change to Attach type in the host drawing.

  2. AutoCAD Architecture Constructs XREF Overlay

  3. The ColumnGrid drops into the Entry Level drawing exactly in that X, Y position, like it was created in his own drawing. At the same time in the lower status bar of the drawing you see an AutoCAD Architecture XREF Icon icon, indicating that the drawing contains an ‘Xref’, an external reference (external referenced drawing).
  4. Click on the AutoCAD Architecture XREF Icon icon to open the AutoCAD External References dialog box. You can see here the ColumnGrid named drawing, as an inserted external reference.
  5. AutoCAD Architecture Column Grid XREF Example

  6. At the top go to the ColumnGrid drawing line, and make certain in the lower Details field, that the parameter of the Xref Type is really Overlay and not Attach.

    It is necessary because if the Entry Level construct drawing will be built later in that drawing, which contains the whole 3D model of the building, then the Entry Level drawing – as well as the Upper Level drawings prepared later – will not take the ColumnGrid drawing into the 3D model.

  7. AutoCAD Architecture XREF Overlay

  8. Press the top AutoCAD Architecture Close Icon CLOSE button to exit the External File References dialog box.
  9. Save the drawing by using the Save AutoCAD Save Command Icon command.

You can find more information about XREF in a previous article about AUTOCAD XREF ENHANCEMENTS or see all XREF related articles.

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