In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create the external walls of your building in AutoCAD Architecture.

At the bottom of this tutorial you can find a video screencast showing you how to create the walls.

How to Create the Ground Floor External Walls

  1. Press the top AutoCAD Architecture Close Icon Close button to hide the Project Navigator, and press Ctrl+3 to display the Tool Palettes at the left side of the screen.
  2. As earlier learned (Right-Click on the palette title bar and select from the drop-up menu) turn to the Design palette group, and choose the Walls palette.
  3. AutoCAD Architecture Tool Palettes Design
    AutoCAD Architecture Tool Palettes Walls

  4. Check in the drawing area if the column grid is on the full screen; zoom in on it as much as the drawing area size allows it. The simplest way is to double-click with the middle mouse button (scroll) (Zoom Extents).

    At the same time check if the OSNAP (F3) and the ORTHO (F8) toggles are turned on (if they are active) in the status bar.

  5. AutoCAD Architecture OSNAP & ORTHO Toggles

  6. Check at the lower right corner of the drawing area (on the label before the Cut Plane), if the Medium Detail is active. If it is not then click on the displayed configuration and turn on the Medium Detail in the drop-up menu.
  7. AutoCAD Architecture Medium Detail

  8. Left-Click on the Tool Palettes of the CMU-190 [CMU-8] wall type to start creating such a wall type.
  9. AutoCAD Architecture Walls CMU 190

  10. You can see that the parameters of being drawn walls are displayed on the Properties palette docked at the right side and at the lower Command window (and by the cursor), program prompts to specify the start point of the first wall.
  11. Before selecting the start point, check on the Properties palette that the Width parameter is 190 mm [8”] (fixed parameter), the Base height parameter value is 3000 mm [10’-0”], and the Justify parameter is set to Baseline.

    NOTE: In the following the INTersection of the column grid will be used. If it is not succeeded to select the INTersection, you can call out the Object Snap list by using SHIFT + Right-Click during the command and you can select the INTersection from it.

  12. AutoCAD Architecture Properties

  13. If parameters are correct, draw the external walls by using the INTersection of the column grid. First draw the walls of the Main Building, you can use the INTersection of A and 1 grid lines as the start point. To the wall end points you can use the INTersection of A and 2 grid lines.

    First wall

    AutoCAD Architecture First Wall

    Second wall

    INTersection of E and 2 grid lines.

    AutoCAD Architecture Second Wall

    Third Wall

    INTersection of E and 1 grid lines.

    AutoCAD Architecture Third Wall

    Fourth wall (with Close)

    The last wall segment is made by the Close option, which means the program will automatically close the wholly drawn wall chain.

    Use the novelty of AutoCAD 2013 – options became selectable in command line – click on the Close option in command line.

    AutoCAD Architecture Fourth Wall

    The finished external walls

    AutoCAD Architecture Finished External Walls

    If it would not be successful to draw the four walls in a whole, then restart the command to draw the wall (e.g.: by pressing ENTER), and from the last right end point continue to draw the walls. In this case do not use the Close option because the last wall segment will be closed to the start of newly created wall chain.

  14. In the following you can draw the passage connecting two divisions. Select one of the drawn walls, and then select the Add Selected option from the Ribbon Contextual Wall tab.

    This command allows you to place completely the same Properties element from which you started.

  15. AutoCAD Architecture Add Selected Wall Tab

  16. Specify the INTersection of C and 2 grid lines as the start points and the INTersection of C and 3 grid lines as end points.

    Then finish wall drawing with Right-Click or by pressing ENTER.

  17. AutoCAD Architecture Finished External Walls Intersection

  18. After drawing the wall the original selected wall remains selected – until selection is discarded with ESC –, so Right-Click and the Add Selected command will be also there, and select it.
  19. AutoCAD Architecture Add Selected

  20. The start points of the new wall will be the INTersection of D and 3 grid lines, the end points will be the INTersection of D and 2 grid lines, and then close the drawing wall by pressing ENTER.

    You can save the drawing with the Save AutoCAD Save Command Icon icon.

  21. AutoCAD Architecture Wall Start Point

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