In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to insert objects to a new construct drawing in AutoCAD Architecture.

At the bottom of this tutorial you can find a video screencast showing you how to insert objects to a new construct drawing.

How To Insert Objects to a New Construct Drawing

In the following you will edit a new independent construct drawing for the created chimney.

  1. Press Ctrl+3 to hide the Tool Palettes, and press Ctrl+5 to display the Project Navigator palette.
  2. Turn to the Constructs tab.
  3. With the left mouse button select the chimney body and then press the left mouse button above it, and keep it pressed.
  4. Keep the left mouse button and drag the chimney body to the Project Navigator palette, to the Constructs folder name, and let the left mouse button go.
  5. AutoCAD Architecture - Project Navigator

  6. Dragging into the folder effects that the Add Construct panel displays. Override the Name to Chimney on it, and in the Assignments field turn on the Ground Level, the Ground Floor and the First Floor levels checkboxes. Turn on also the Open in drawing editor checkbox. With this operation after closing the panel, the new created drawing will open at once.
  7. Exit the panel by pressing OK.
    AutoCAD Architecture - Add Construct Panel

    It is seen that the new Construct drawing was created like you would have opened a new drawing by using the template drawing, and you would have dragged the chimney in it with the original coordinates with Copy – Paste (Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V) command pair.

  8. In the new opening drawing only the chimney can be seen.
  9. AutoCAD Architecture - Chimney

  10. Save the drawing with the SaveAutoCAD Save Command Iconcommand, and close the Chimney drawing.

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