In earlier versions of AutoCAD there were no icons, only AutoCAD Command Line existed and you could enter manual commands using it. Fortunately you still have this option, and lots of users still use it.

Let’s see the new features connected to Command Line in AutoCAD 2014!

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #1: AutoCorrect

AutoCAD 2014 offers many enhancements to the command line to help you to work more efficiently. For example AutoCorrect functionality is now included. If you type something wrong or mistype e.g.: the word „tabel”, you can see that AutoCAD automatically finds the AutoCAD TABLE command. Another example, if you are typing really fast or just accidently have the wrong keys or miss some keys, the same thing happens.

AutoCAD Command Line AutoCorrect

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #2: Mid-string Search

Other than the great improvements in AutoCorrect, AutoComplete functionality also has been enhanced and now includes Mid-string Search. You don’t need to know exactly how a command or System Variable starts or their exact name. If you know some key part in the middle of the variable string and you just start typing it, e.g.: setting. There are a lot of different settings in AutoCAD 2014, and you know that you want to do something with setting, you just type “setting” in the Command Line and AutoCAD automatically finds you every command that has “setting” in it’s name. It makes a way easier to access what you need without having to memorise a lot of different variables and commands.

Autocad Ccommand Line Mid-string Search

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #3: Synonym Suggestion

You may notice another option when typing “SETTINGS” in Command Line. You can see the SETTINGS (OPTIONS) there because AutoCAD has no real “settings” command but a lot of other commands concerning settings. This is the Synonym Suggestion functionality that’s been included in the Command Line functionality. If you’ve got certain commands or maybe tools that you used to either in another applications or you’ve just forgotten where it was in AutoCAD you can just type something similar and there is a very good chance that AutoCAD will find what you really want it to locate.

Another example could be when you want to insert a Symbol. Maybe you don’t realize that you need the Insert command so you just start typing “symbol” and you can see the Synonym Suggestion coming up with the Insert command – very helpful indeed.

AautoCAD Command Line Synonym Suggestion

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #4: Edit Synonym List

All this is customizable if you go up to the Manage Ribbon Tab and then you’ll see where you can Edit Command Aliases, (PGP file). Here you have the option for Edit AutoCorrect List, and you can Edit Synonym List.

AutoCAD Edit Synonym List

Here you can find by default many of the synonyms but you can add your own as well. Here is another example, if you want to ZIP up your drawing but you don’t know how to use the “ETRANSMIT” command, that’s okay if you just type the ZIP at the Command Line and AutoCAD will find ETRANSMIT for you. Thus it is very easy for your customize because there are many commands already included.

AutoCAD Synonym List

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #5: Adaptive Suggestions

There are also Adaptive Suggestions. When you first start using AutoCAD 2014 and start typing a command, e.g.: AR, your list might look a little bit different than others’ because AutoCAD will automatically use what’s most common. For example if people type AR and they really want the ARC command, this command will be typically at the top of the list. But if you start using AutoCAD 2014, maybe each time you type AR, you really want the AREA command, AutoCAD will adapt to your use so that over time as you begin using AR and access in the area command you’ll see that AREA command will move at the top of the list. So it will customize itself for your usage. That is Adaptive Suggestions.

AutoCAD Command Line Adaptive Suggestions

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #6: Internet Search

Sometimes you type at the cursor using dynamic input, sometimes you type at the Command Line. Either way everything what was written earlier works fine either at the Command Line or when you are using dynamic input.

There are few additional enhancements however that you will have access to if you use the Command Line. When you type “BLOCK” for example, you can see a list of suggestions. As you move your cursor over the list, you see an icon (question mark) on the right side that will let you search the AutoCAD help system for that particular term. Also there is another icon that lets you search the internet for that particular term. This way you are not limited for the AutoCAD help system, you can go free on the internet if you want to find ‘BLOCK’ or other terms. Click on the internet search icon and it will launch your browser and it will search for that term or for whatever it was selected on, prepended with the word AutoCAD. You can access videos and other resources available on-line.

This is just one of the many ways that that AutoCAD is connecting you outside of your local workstation since the version 2014.

AutoCAD Command Line Internet Search

AutoCAD Command Line Feature #6: Content

When you open a drawing and choose one of its layers, you can see several blocks on it, like doors and windows, etc. If you just start typing “DO” in the Command Line, you can see it coming up with commands starting with DO or have DO in them, but you also see more content like System Variables. It is a list of any blocks in your current drawing that contain the word DOOR in it as well as any layers. If you are actually selecting a layer to make it current, you are able to select and insert a block without having the INSERT command right from the Command Line. This also works for other types of content, like layers and blocks, also Hatch pattern ingredients and for text styles, dimension styles and visual styles. It is very easy to use the Command Line to search for dimension style for example and then set that current.

Content is divided into categories. If you type DO again, you’ll see different commands listed and there are some System Variables, and on the right side there is a Plus icon (+) you can select to expand. You can also see here AutoCAD drawing content. The first one listed is DOOR block and if you expand that you’ll have access to several other types of content that happen to have DO, like door blocks and layers with window and there is a hatch pattern, as well. These expandable categories give you access to the content that matches you where you are typing them in the Command Line.

AutoCAD Command Line Content

Content categories are also a valuable improvement to the Command Line; this feature helps you work more efficiently. You can control these settings if you go to the customize tool on the Command Line. It has been enhanced to include some of these new controls, e.g.: AutoCorrect, Search Content and Mid-string Search are all news additions to this menu.

AutoCAD Command Line Content Categories

There is also a new Input Search Options… dialog box. If you select that, you’ll see that you have more control to certain types of content. There are other controls like AutoComplete and AutoCorrect and the delay which we had previous but these are put together here in this Input Search Options.

AutoCAD Command Line Input Search Options