Some enhancements in AutoCAD 2014 focus on Xrefs.

AutoCAD XREF Layers

If you have an Xref attached to your drawing, what you are going to do is look at some of the information that comes along with that Xref. When you open the Layer Manager, you can see all these layers coming in from this Xref. Now if you look at the Properties window and display the properties for this drawing, you can notice that all those layers that come from that Xref are not displayed in the Properties window.

AutoCAD 2014 xref modifications

That’s because you can’t really modify Xrefs. This is an enhancement in AutoCAD 2014, it kind of cleans up your layer list so that it only displays layers in the Properties window for which you can actually modify their properties.

If you look at the Ribbon, however, you will see that all those Xref layers are still displayed. This makes sense because on the Ribbon you might want to control visibility of Xref layers, even though we can’t change the properties, we can still control their visibility.

AutoCAD XREF Linetype

If you open a file in AutoCAD 2013 or earlier versions which contains XREF, other than the Linetypes of the current drawing you will also have Xref Linetypes, which you really can’t do anything with. In AutoCAD 2014 those Xref Linetypes are not displayed. They are not displayed in the Ribbon panel or in the Properties window either. You can find there a fairly short list; it doesn’t list anything from that Xref.

AutocCAD Xref Linetypes

Change XREF Type and Path

There are some other Xref improvements in AutoCAD 2014 in case your drawing has several Xrefs attached. In the 2014 version there are several tools related to modifying properties of multiple Xrefs. Couple of little things you can notice if you select an Xref in the Xref Manager. Double click on the type to change between Attach and Overlay.

Change Xref type

If you select multiple Xrefs you can right-click and you’ll see the Xref type as an option in the right-click menu, so you can change that attachment type of multiple Xrefs at the same time.

Autocad how to change xref type

You can also right-click and change the Path of multiple Xrefs. You can make them all Absolute, Relative or you can Remove the Path completely.

AutoCAD change xref path