When you start AutoCAD 2015, before you open any drawings, one of the first things you’ll notice is the New Tab. The New Tab contains two sliding content pages: Learn and Create.

AutoCad 2015 - Learn and Create

The Create page is displayed by default and serves as a launch pad where you can access files, product updates and online community. It’s divided into three columns.

In the Get Started column you can use the Start Drawing tool to quickly begin a new drawing from a default template or choose from a list of available drawing templates organized by groups. The last template you use becomes the new default. Other tools enable you to Open Existing Drawings and Open Sheet Sets, Get More Templates Online and Explore Sample Drawings.

AutoCad 2015 Get Started column

In the Recent Documents column you can view and open your recent drawings. You can pin the drawings to ensure they remain on the list. Icons at the bottom of the column enable you to change how you preview the recent drawings: Thumbnail view, Text view or Thumbnail and Text view.

AutoCad 2015 - Recent Documents

The third column enables you to sign into Autodesk 360 and send feedback directly to Autodesk. This column also displays relevant notifications about product updates, hardware acceleration, trial period and offline help.

AutoCad 2015 Autodesk 360

You can slide to the Learn page from the Create page by clicking on Learn at the left or bottom of the page. To return to the Create page click on Create at the right or bottom of the page.

AutoCad 2015-Create Page by Clicking on Learn

The Learn page provides tools to help you learn AutoCAD 2015. It’s divided into three columns: What’s New, Getting Started Videos, and Tips and Online Resources. These are all great resources for getting up to speed on AutoCAD 2015 whether you’re a new user or an AutoCAD veteran.

AutoCad 2015-Learn Page

Source: AutoCAD Exchange