One of the new features in AutoCAD 2015 is the refined user interface. Let’s see how it looks like!

After starting the program, New User Interface will pop up immediately.

AutoCAD2015 Refined User Interface

AutoCAD 2015 offers a modern dark themed interface that includes the Ribbon, Status Bar, and Pallets. Although we were all used to looking at dark writing on white paper looking at a computer screen is different. The way it is a light source, shining in your eyes. The new dark theme interface combined with the traditional dark model space helps reduce eye strain by dimming the lights and minimizing the contrast between the drawing area and surrounding tools.

You can easily change between the dark and light themes using the Color Scheme control on the Display tab of the Options dialog box.

AutoCAD2015 Change User Interface Color

In addition to supporting the dark color theme, the Ribbon offers improved efficiency for accessing tools.

For example tools on the reorganized View Ribbon tab make it easier to control the visibility of UI elements. Such as the UCS icon, ViewCube, Navigation Bar and Layout Tabs. There are many ways that using the Ribbon can help you work more efficiently.

There are some changes in the below Status Bar compared to the previous one. The earlier 2 Status Bars became one. We used to be able to set back the icons to text, which is not possible in the new version. Based on my first experience if you want to see all icons on the below Status bar, wider resolution than 1280 dpi has to be used.

AutoCAD2015 User Interface vs 2014

Another thing I experienced in AutoCAD 2015 is that when we resize window, the Command Window always stays where it was “docked”. In AutoCAD 2014 it did not remain at the “docked” place in case of resizing window.