One of the two improvements concerning Layers in AutoCAD 2014, sorting numbered layers in their natural order offers a simple but much appreciated enhancement.

If you open Layer Manager and want to create a bunch of new layers very quickly, you most often do that just by copying the default name, appending it with an auto-increasing number (eg. Layer1, Layer2, Layer3 etc.).

Natural sort order for numbered layers

In AutoCAD 2014, layer names now honor the natural sort order. To explain this, let’s see an example.

Suppose you created 11 layers with their default name, from Layer1 through Layer11. In previous versions the layer names were displayed strictly alphabetically, taking the 0 in Layer10 as a single charachter. This resulted Layer10 to be displayed between Layer1 and Layer2, the same what you see when you sort files eg in your operating system by file name (see the screenshots below).

With the new functionality, Layer10 is no longer displayed between Layer1 and Layer2 in AutoCAD 2014, but in their natural order, as you would expect them, knowing that 10 is a larger number then 2.

AutoCAD Architecture Layers Numbering

If you want your Layers to be numbered, you’ll be thrilled with this improvement! Now numbered layers are sorted in their natural order such as 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 21, 25 (as opposed to 1, 10, 2, 25, 21, 4, 6).

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